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The Incredible Hulk #82
"Dear Tricia..."
Bruce ends up in England and comes across a woman named Tricia, who he instantly takes a liking to. She is wary of his "dangerous side", however, and parts in a taxi. Bruce sees the taxi driver abandon the vehicle right before it blows up, killing Tricia. The driver encounters the Hulk and has a heart attack. The Hulk sees Tricia's astral form, and she tells him that she is a sorceress. She wants him to seek out those responsible for her death, starting with other sorcerers in her opposition.
The Hulk doesn't have much luck, however, so Tricia tells Bruce to go to her fiancee about her feelings for him. Bruce meets him, but when he encounters his son, Tricia points him out to be her killer. The Hulk emerges and tells him to run, otherwise he'll tell every sorcerer he has terrorized that they suffered for his crime. And like a "terrified rat" he does indeed run away.
I miss these one-shot issues... especially well-told one-shot issues like this one. It seemed appropriate that the story would take place overseas then, creating an atmosphere of mystery and dread (right down to the wax museum). This was really an exceptionally sad story about unrequited love, the love between two people who could not be with each other merely due to timing. Leave it to Peter David to write a love story with supernatural and superhero elements to it!