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"Who's the world's greatest monster? Who's the world's mightiest creature? Who's the world's strongest superhero? Here's a hint: his skin is green and man, he's mean!" - Stan "The Man" Lee
Growing up in the 80's was such a wonderful experience for cartoon lovers. The cartoons these days just don't cut it compared to those back then. You had He-Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, Visionaries, and the list goes on.
The popularity of comic books has also suffered going into the 90's. I was a comic book fanatic long before I got into video games. So when my favorite comic book superhero, The Incredible Hulk, became an animated series in 1982, I was thrilled! It had it all: drama, excitement, and comedy. Character interactions were so much more prevalent than in today's cartoons. The animation was top-notch, even without computer enhancements.
I was recently able to get a hold of all the episodes with the help of the Internet! Using this site as a tribute to the series is, in many ways, entirely appropriate. I hope fans of the cartoon will find this site to be an enjoyable supplement to the series, and may Hulkamania live forever!

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