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Betty Ross

Character Profile:
Betty Ross is a scientist at Gamma Base and happens to be the daughter of General Ross. Betty is engaged to Bruce Banner, but ever since the gamma bomb changed Bruce, their relationship has been on hold. She senses that something is wrong with Bruce, but never fully realizes his secret.
How She Differs from the Comic Book Version:
The cartoon does a pretty good job of portraying Betty as a strong-willed individual and even makes her a fellow scientist. The comic book never goes that far, but she has become stronger over the years. In the beginning, she was always the damsel in distress, needing Bruce or the Hulk to rescue her.
As she became more involved in the series, we learned that she first fell in love with Bruce partly out of defiance towards her father, who exposed her to a strict military lifestyle. She slowly loved Bruce for his other qualities, but the Hulk would force them to become distant for a time. She even married Major (Glenn) Talbot on the rebound.
Betty would eventually marry Bruce, and while their marriage had its ups and downs, she remained loyal. Just as they were to enjoy some happiness, however, Betty died as a result of gamma radiation poisoning by the Abomination. I wouldn't write her off just yet; it's pretty rare for a comic book character to stay dead.