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The Incredible Hulk

Character Profile:
The Incredible Hulk is a gamma mutated creature who is Bruce Banner in a primal state. He exhibits a childlike nature and does not know why he is being persecuted in the manner he is. He desires to be left alone, but he is forever loyal to those he believes are his friends. The Hulk relishes in the fact that he is the strongest mortal on Earth and despises the 'weakness' of his alter-ego.
The Hulk possesses an almost unlimitless strength that increases with anger. His powerful legs allow him to leap great distances, and his durablility makes him impervious to conventional weapons. In a relaxed state, however, the Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner.
How He Differs from the Comic Book Version:
In the comic book, there are actually two 'Hulks' which represent Bruce Banner's other personalities (see Bruce's profile). The first Hulk that appeared is a grey behemoth who called himself 'Mr. Fixit' at one point. Mr. Fixit represents a side of Bruce Banner whose emotions are left unchecked. He retains most of Banner's intelligence and is very cunning in battle. Whereas Bruce is selfless and noble, Mr. Fixit is selfish and desires all the luxuries he thinks he deserves as one of the strongest beings on the planet.
The familiar green-skinned Hulk is Bruce's other personality. He is virtually identical to his animated version. The more primal green-skinned Hulk is actually stronger than Mr. Fixit. When Mr. Fixit was the more dominant personality, Bruce's transformations were triggered by the sun rising/setting. Bruce would turn into the Hulk only at night, except for those occasions where he would actually 'let' Mr. Fixit be the dominant persona. Like the animated series, the transformation into the green Hulk is triggered by extreme stress. Other powers that the Hulk is known to possess include rapid healing, homing ability, and the ability to see astral forms.