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Doctor Bruce Banner

Character Profile:
Doctor Bruce Banner is a brilliant nuclear physicist whose expertise is in the field of gamma radiation. When an accident occurred during the testing of a gamma bomb that he invented, Banner was exposed to a massive amount of gamma radiation. The radiation changed his body at the atomic level, and now when Bruce gets overly excited or angry, the adrenaline in his system causes him to transform into a powerful, primal creature called The Incredible Hulk.
Bruce is otherwise an extremely well balanced individual who is capable of great heroics (see "The Incredible Bruce Banner" segments in the Episode Guide). He has a great moral sense and is very unselfish. On several occasions, he sacrifices a cure for his condition because of more important matters. His concern for the others around him forces him to keep his secret from everyone besides Rick Jones.
How He Differs from the Comic Book Version:
Doctor Robert Bruce Banner is far less balanced than his animated counterpart. In the comics, we learn that Bruce witnessed the murder of his mother at the hands of his abusive father. Bruce would attempt to suppress all of his emotions as a result of knowing first-hand what they could do. Bruce's emotions could not be completely surpressed, however, and they manifested themselves as multiple personalities. Bruce's exposure to gamma radiation gave Bruce shape-shifting abilities according to what resided in his subconscious. Thus, his multiple personalities gained a physical form, collectively known as The Incredible Hulk.
Additionally, Bruce does not regain his clothes after changing back from The Hulk in the comics (with the possible exception of his glasses, occasionally). This plot device was obviously injected to help keep Bruce's secret. Amazingly enough, the Bruce Banner in the comics did not have such a luxury and was still able to keep the secret for years! You'd think that after being seen in nothing but torn pants, which are the same color as the Hulk's, that somebody would catch on...