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Rick Jones

Character Profile:
Rick Jones is the perennial sidekick. Partly responsible for Bruce's condition, Rick helps Bruce and the Hulk out of a sense of guilt and gratitude. Rick is among a select few who the Hulk recognizes as a friend. He has a girlfriend named Rita and often helps her father in his restaurant.
How He Differs from the Comic Book Version:
Well, he is not and never has been blond in the comics. Nor would he wear a cowboy hat as a fashion statement. He'd probably consider that 'uncool'. They probably added these features so that the audience could distinguish Bruce and Rick easier. Think about it. If Rick had short, dark hair in the cartoon, he'd look pretty similar to Bruce, wouldn't he?
Anyway, Rick has a pretty impressive resume as a sidekick in the Marvel Universe. Besides helping out the Hulk, Rick assisted Captain America (becoming the new Bucky in the process), Captain Mar-vell, and Rom the Spaceknight. Rick is currently married to Marlo Chandler, a former girlfriend of Mr. Fixit. He was recently paralyzed from the waist down when the Hulk, under the partial control of Apocalypse, attacked him.