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General Ross

Character Profile:
General Ross is one patriotic dude. In The Cyclops Project, he considers sacrificing his daughter to stop a powerful military computer gone out of control. Despite this incident, he cares very much for Betty and does what he can to protect her. He is dedicated to capturing the Hulk out of duty, but he recognizes when the Hulk is actually being helpful. Being more accustomed to military individuals, General Ross has a certain disliking towards his future son-in-law, Bruce Banner. He has his suspicions about him, but they are mostly brought about by Major Talbot.
How He Differs from the Comic Book Version:
This General Ross is FAR more forgiving towards the Hulk than his comic book version. Nicknamed 'Thunderbolt', Thaddeus Ross has been a thorn in the Hulk's side from the beginning. He views the Hulk as the cause of everything that has gone wrong with his life, and ever since Bruce's secret became public, he has had the same views about him as well. He justifies his position as simply doing his duty for the country and protecting his daughter Betty, but the Hulk has saved them both more times than one can count. He is one determined S.O.B., as he has 'died' twice while battling the Hulk!