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The Cyclops Project

Cyclops, the most powerful computer in the world, is set to take over the military defenses of the United States. Bruce and Rick are about to arrive with the deactivation code, but a flat tire causes an accident and the code is destroyed. The Hulk breaks into Cyclops Mountain and inadvertently releases a mouse into Cyclops' circuits, causing a malfunction in the artificial intelligence to perceive that man is too careless to control machines. So Cyclops assumes all power over machines and attempts to take over humanity as well. When the Hulk turns back into Bruce, Cyclops' cameras are watching, and his secret identity is revealed to Cyclops, who is able to conjecture the cause of Bruce's transformations and creates traps for Bruce to raise his stress level. Eventually, Bruce reaches the Brain Room, where Cyclops offers a cure for Bruce if he helps it get more power. Tricking Cyclops, Bruce agrees and gets access to the memory banks, where he is able to deactivate Cyclops.


This episode had a lot of potential, especially with Cyclops knowing Bruce's secret. It's resolution was far too quick, however, and a computer with Cyclops' artificial intelligence would have anticipated Bruce's actions. The side story with Rio and Rita trying to get out of the control of Cyclops (who has taken over their new electronic equipment) is unnecessary, and more time could have been used for the conclusion. Still, it's worth it just to see the Hulk and Bruce sharing the screen for once.
The Villian:
The Cyclops Computer - Created by Dr. Donovan, it is a supercomputer designed to interface with all military computers as well as various other electronic devices. It also has complete control over the electronic devices at Cyclops Mountain, including robots, holographic generators, and disintegrator disposal units. It leaves its signature "eye" on the machines it controls. Talk about Big Brother watching!
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Wow! Bruce manages to rewire one of Cyclops' robots to escape the disposal unit, stares down a holographic image of the Hulk, and climbs up an Empire Strikes Back-like tunnel in an attempt to reach the Brain Room.