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The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow

Betty's nephew Jonah arrives at Gamma Base to demonstrate his amazing psychic ability. Through dream-like visions, he is able to predict the future with uncanny ability. His predicts dire consequences for his aunt, as he sees her piloting a space shuttle and crashing into a mountain, with the Hulk and a mysterious madman involved. Waldo, the madman in Jonah's vision, is hired to sabotage Betty's shuttle. Despite Bruce's attempts to prevent the events in Jonah's vision, Waldo is able to sneak into the base and sabotage the shuttle, trapping Bruce in some cargo at the same time. The Hulk wrecks havok in the shuttle, threatening to crash it. But Waldo's knockout gas turns the Hulk back into Bruce, where he is able to eject himself and Betty from the shuttle.


The psychic-predictions-coming-true convention is quite standard, but this episode uses it effectively, and the pacing is set accordingly. It was a real nice twist seeing Bruce save the day for once. He is able to rescue Betty and capture the enemy without help from the Hulk.
The Villian:
Waldo - This guy could give the Joker a run for the money. He's a comical-looking man with loud clothes who also happens to be a master of disguise. He'll get $2,500,000 from spies for sabotaging the space shuttle launch.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Split-second reflexes allow Bruce to save fellow co-worker Jeff from getting squished by a falling gantry.