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Prisoner of the Monster

While searching for a recipe for Rio, Rick stumbles onto a map which leads to a location of a temple which has a legendary potion which cured the prince of the lost tribe of the Serenidads of a condition similar to Bruce's. Bruce and Rick travel to the lost tribe where they are able to steal and use the potion, which works. The tribe's guard catch them, but their queen let's them go after hearing Bruce's story. She warns him, however, that the potion only works once. Meanwhile, the Spymaster steals the sonar crystallizer, a weapon which can pulverize rock with ease, from the Gamma Base and kidnaps Betty and her father in the process. The scientific database, which has the molecular structure of both the Hulk and the sonar crystallizer, tells Bruce that only thing that can withstand the weapon is the Hulk. Bruce realizes that in order to save them, he must use the gamma ray machine to become the Hulk again. The Hulk is able to stop Spymaster's plane and destroy the crystallizer.


This is probably the best episode of the series. The torment that Bruce faces as he must become the Hulk after he is just cured is unimaginable. This situation is not new, but the dramatic effect remains, especially considering the fact that Bruce was about to ask Betty to marry him (even though she is his fiancee already). No great villian or dramatic battle in this one. It's the story that makes the episode.
The Villian:
The Spymaster - Like his name, this guy is not to be taken seriously. He needs a fake ID to sneak into the Gamma Base, has a dumb lackey named Cosmo for a henchman, and wears red sunglasses. Anybody else would be better than this dope.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Indiana Jones, eat your heart out. In the temple, Bruce escapes a cloud of gas, slips beneath a sliding door, dodges falling boulders, and survives the closing walls death trap.