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The Creature and the Cavegirl

Dr. Brandon Jones has just successfully created a time projector device, capable of sending and retrieving objects through time. Bruce sees this as a way to cure himself. If Bruce could go back to day of the gamma bomb test and stop Rick from entering the test site, the Hulk would never be created. Meanwhile, Rita is bitten by a desert lizard and Rio needs access to Bruce's computer at the base to analyze the poison. But Bruce and Rick are already in New York for the testing of the time projector. A power outage causes Bruce to become trapped while trying to contact Rio, and he becomes the Hulk. He accidentally activates the time projector and the main lab is transported back to 1,000,000 B.C. There, the Hulk meets a cavegirl who isn't afraid of the Hulk. Surprised by this, the Hulk feels affectionate toward her. After a fight with her jealous boyfriend, he reverts back into Bruce. Bruce fixes the time projector but before they can use it, Major Talbot accidentially releases a knockout gas produced by plants he was gathering. Bruce changes into the Hulk and reunites with the cavegirl. But after another fight with the boyfriend, the Hulk accidentially activates the time machine and the lab and everybody is returned just in time to save Rita.


Apparently the science consultant took a day off for this episode. Dinosaurs living at the same time as humans? Wooly mammoths in the jungle? All inaccuracies aside, this episode would be pretty weak if not for the drama caused by the Hulk having to leave his new cave-girlfriend. Their relationship is similar to that of the Hulk and Jarella in the comics. And we all know how the Hulk felt after she died.
The Villian:
The Jealous Caveman - After he sees how his girlfriend feels toward the Hulk, this guy goes nuts! He's pretty tough without being a gamma mutant, though. He's able to lift large boulders, push down trees, and can handle himself in a fight with Greenskin! I guess years of civilized society really has made man weak. Either that, or this guy really likes his Flintstones Vitamins.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Not much in the way of physical prowess in this one. But Bruce is able to fix a time machine he did not create and recognize poisonous plants in one sequence.