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The Incredible Shrinking Hulk

Due to a malfunction in his latest gamma experiment, Bruce gets miniaturized to only one inch tall. A rat and a tarantula force him to become the Hulk. The Hulk takes care of them both, as well as a gila monster in the desert. When Bruce returns, he hitches a ride to Rio's, where Rick is able to spot him in his taco. Surprised, Rick throws the taco up and onto Major Talbot's trenchcoat where Bruce crawls into a pocket. Bruce learns of two spies posing as mechanics who plan to steal the new T-70 tank and destroy the base. The Hulk tries to stop the tank, but with his size, he is unable to. When Rick finds the Hulk, he reverses the experiment and the Hulk is back to normal size. The Hulk is then able to stop the tank along with the spies inside.


Again, good story telling is what makes this episode. The audience gets to see just how powerful the Hulk is by seeing what he can do when he's only one inch tall. He can man-handle two grown men and get enough leverage to partly lift a jeep! It's surprising that the gila monster gave him some trouble.
The Villians:
The Two Spies - Posing as mechanics, they are able to get past "Noodle-Head" Ned Talbot to steal the T-70 tank. I guess they're the best enemies you can come up with against a one-inch Hulk.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Despite being only one inch tall, Bruce manages to get halfway up a four-foot console in a matter of seconds. You can do the math to figure out how far he travelled.