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Bruce Banner, Unmasked!

This episode opens with General Ross giving the orders to stop the Hulk. He has Major Talbot drill the Hulkbusters and test weapons while Bruce and Betty are to analyze the Hulk scientifically. Meanwhile, the evil Puppetmaster continues his plan to control the population with his puppets, including one of the Hulk. When this puppet is activated, Bruce unwillingly turns into the Hulk. The Hulkbusters use a stun beam on the Hulk, and it actually works. The stun beam forces the transformation and everybody now knows that Bruce Banner is the Hulk! Bruce is able to escape from the base, and realizing that the Puppetmaster is at large, he makes a jamming device for himself and Rick. The Puppetmaster's daughter, Alicia, leads Rick to her father's headquarters while Bruce tries to escape from the citizens of Mesa City, who are under the orders of the Puppetmaster to capture him. When he changes into the Hulk, however, the Puppetmaster retains control, but not for long, as the Hulk's rage allows him to break free. The Hulk goes and stops the Puppetmaster from escaping while Rick reprograms and destroys the puppets.


This editors must have had a ball with this one. It has non-stop action all the way and a great story as well! It's nice how they put in the discovery of Bruce's secret in there, but there was an INGENIOUS solution to it. Before Rick destroyed the puppets, he reprogrammed all of them (except the puppet of himself) so that everybody would forget that Bruce was the Hulk. He even made a puppet of the Puppetmaster so he would forget. Now that's great writing!
The Villian:
The Puppetmaster - Another villian from the comic books. He uses puppets made of atomic clay to control minds. He has scanners all across Mesa City and Gamma Base to capture people's images to make the puppets. The only puppet he would not make is one for his blind daughter, Alicia. What a guy.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Now this is a cool one. While escaping from Gamma Base, Bruce jumps out a fourth story window, lands on a truck bed, and leaps to safety.