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Enter: The She-Hulk

Bruce and Rick head to Los Angeles to meet with Jennifer Walters, Bruce's cousin. A few months back, Bruce gave her a blood transfusion after an accidential gas explosion. The transfusion saved her life, but the gamma energy in Bruce's blood mutates Jennifer as well, turning her into the She-Hulk! But Jennifer can control her transformations and retains her intelligence as the She-Hulk. Bruce wants to transfer some of her control to him, thus gaining her benefits. Meanwhile, Betty is also at Los Angeles helping Dr. Steve Perry with his smog research. Perry has other plans, however, as he is secretly the Supreme Hydra. His research leads to the development of a mist that can solidify and be controlled electronically as well. Hydra plans to mix the mist with the smog of Los Angeles, immobilizing the city. Back at the makeshift lab, Bruce's experiment is interrupted when Rick is captured by the mist during one of Hydra's tests. The experiment seems to work, however, and Bruce is in control of the Hulk! The Hulk and She-Hulk find Rick, who has escpaped with Betty. Rick is able to lead them to Hydra's hideout. It is at this point however, that Bruce loses control of the Hulk, and fights the She-Hulk. In all the confusion, Betty manages to tie up the Supreme Hydra and reprogram the mist to evaporate, saving the city.


Jeez, this episode was all over the place. Too much emphasis was placed on the conflict with Hydra, and not enough was placed on how Bruce dealt with his newfound control with the Hulk. I mean, Bruce had control for what - 5 minutes? Despite the unevenness, Hulk fans will eat this one up for She-Hulk's appearance and origin. And it was kind of fun to see the Hulk talk like a normal human being!
The Villian:
The Supreme Hydra - AKA Dr. Steve Perry, a scientist at Los Angeles' smog research facility. He is the leader of Hydra, one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the country.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Bruce's medical training pays off big time here, as he is able to give his cousin an emergency blood transfusion, saving her life. Not to mention giving her the ability to transform into a gamma-powered bombshell!