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The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner

While testing his new Transmat transporter on himself, Bruce transforms into the Hulk in mid-transportation. This leaves Betty to think that the Hulk interfered with the process somehow, causing Bruce to be trapped in the transport buffer. So it becomes an all-out manhunt for the Hulk, first led by Major Talbot, and then by Betty herself! Rick knows that Bruce isn't really trapped and goes out to help him. Betty is able to capture the Hulk using a high-tech fighter plane. She brings him back to the Transmat, hoping to reverse the process, not knowing that doing so might disintegrate the Hulk and Bruce. The Hulk breaks free from Betty's exo-field with the help of Major Talbot's bumbling. Rick is able to reprogram the Transmat the way Bruce showed him before, and Bruce seemingly replaces the Hulk during transportation, leaving his secret identity intact.


Yet another attempt to test Bruce's secret identity to its limit. They incorporated Star Trek transporter technology quite well, but if Bruce put a little more thought into it, he could have used it to filter off the gamma radiation in his body in mid-transportation. But that would mean the end of the Hulk...and we wouldn't want that, now would we?
The Antagonist:
Betty Ross - That's right! The one who gives the Hulk the most trouble in this episode is none other than the love of Bruce's life. When she finds out that the Hulk is the key to bringing back Bruce, she does everything she can in order to capture him.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Bruce takes a cue from Captain America and throws a carnival game target like a frisbee in order to disable Major Talbot's gamma ray detector.