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When Monsters Meet

On a trip to Notre Dame, Paris, Bruce attends the evening meeting of the Academy of Science, where a fellow scientist offers Bruce a possible cure. Betty is there to meet the Minister of Finance to help store a shipment of gold, some of which will be delivered to the U.S. Government. A fiendish descendant of Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame has plans for the cure and the gold shipment and kidnaps Betty. She is able to escape when the Hulk battles Quasimodo. Later, Betty rendevous with the Minister and Bruce runs into Quasimodo who asks him for the formula that might cure him. Bruce agrees, and Quasimodo takes the formula with no immediate effect. Thinking it was a trick, Quasimodo unleashes the mutant bat Salvatore on Bruce while he goes after Betty and the gold shipment. The Hulk breaks free from the bat and chases after Quasimodo who sabotages the subway train with Betty and the Minister in it. The formula then works on Quasimodo who tells the Hulk to stop the runaway train. The Hulk prevails and turns back into Bruce, who is thanked by the grateful Quasimodo.


What would otherwise be a lackluster episode, Bruce's sacrifice at the end is what makes this noteworthy. Bruce's unique condition allows him to be human most of the time, but Quasimodo is a monster all of the time. The battles are pretty good, but with a title like "When Monsters Meet," I expected a little more...or at least adifferent monster like the Abomination or the Thing.
The Villian:
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - The great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the original Quasimodo. He is also a (gamma?) mutated creature of great strength who retains his intelligence. Interestingly enough, his attitude is not unlike that of the Grey Hulk. He also has a giant bat called Salvatore as a partner. of the gamma-spawned Outcasts of the comic book series perhaps?
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Bruce does a pretty good job facing man-to-bat against Salvatore. Not only does he prevent himself from being eaten, he's able to grab a cliff after free-falling about 20 feet!