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Tomb of the Unknown Hulk

Taking advantage of cosmic ray activity blocking communications, Doctor Octopus invades Gamma Base to steal their supply of Perium-99, a powerful explosive with mutagenic properties. The cosmic rays also triggers the gamma enery in Bruce's body, causing him to change into the Hulk even without getting angry. Bruce gets Rick to trap the Hulk in the fallout shelter in Cougar Cave. When Rita goes to the base to look for Rick, she and the rest of the base is taken hostage by Doctor Octopus. Rick and Rio are able sabotage Doctor Octupus' plans by giving his henchmen food poisoning. But when Bruce sees the activity at the base, he turns into the Hulk and breaks out of the fallout shelter, just in time to stop Doctor Octopus from launching a satellite designed to broadcast Perium-99 rays and mutating entire populations.


Being the first episode I ever saw, this remains a favorite. The idea of keeping the Hulk trapped in a bomb shelter came as early as The Incredible Hulk #3, when his transformations occurred at sunset. Doctor Octopus is one of the few villians who actually exists in the comic books and is a worthy adversary for the premier episode. In a poignant scene at the end, Bruce apologizes to Rick for accidentially breaking his arm as the Hulk when he was trying to stop Doctor Octopus, and says no one should be close to him as long as he is the Hulk. Rick reminds him that he caused Bruce's condition and will stick behind him until he's cured.
The Villian:
Doctor Octopus - An insane scientist who can metally control his adamantium "arms" which are thus extensions of his own body. Primarily an enemy of Spider-Man in the comics, Doc Ock is known to tussle with ol' Greenskin occasionally.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Bruce climbs a ladder to a large pipe where he walks tightrope to an electrical juncture in order to restore power and separate the Perium-99 rods. He then swings from the pipe down to the ground to safety.