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Punks on Wheels

A group of motorcycle punks known as the Screaming Vultures terrorize a mini-bike race where Bruce, Rick, Betty, and Rita are attending. They kidnap Rita and take her to the supplier of their new equipment: The Leader! He has recruited the Screaming Vultures to help him steal the shipment of Vibranium, a rare explosive. Soon enough, Bruce, Betty, and Rick would be captured by The Leader. The Leader wants Bruce and Betty for their knowledge of Vibranium. They resist, of course, and he subjects them to his Psychic Nullifier to drain their will. Bruce stops the process when he turns into the Hulk. The Hulk is able to catch up with The Leader and use the stolen Vibranium against him.


This episode has a great opening sequence, where we see into the nightmares of Bruce and his subconscious struggle with the Hulk - the only sign we get that he has a split personality. Besides that, however, we get a less than average episode. It's basically your regular "madman steals a powerful weapon" episode.
It is also interesting to note that Paul Dini (of "Batman" and "Batman Beyond" fame) wrote this episode. He is universally praised for his true-to-comic characterizations, and for that brief moment in the opening sequence, we can see his early potential in writing.
The Villian:
The Leader - "A criminal madman with a gamma-charged brain." One of the Hulk's greatest enemies in the comics, The Leader is the ultimate megalomaniac. He possesses a great intellect as well as psychokenesis ability.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
Yee-hah! Rick's motorcycle skills really rubbed off on Bruce, as he is able to ride one in order to catch up with The Leader, once again proving that he is a Jack of all trades.