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It Lives! It Grows! It Destorys!

A rival scientist at the Gamma Lab, Dr. Proto, is creating a new lifeform composed of part plant and part animal. This organism is capable of eating just about anything in its path besides silicon glass. Unfortunately, Proto's lab assistant did not contain it properly and the organism grows at an uncontrollable rate. Of course the Hulk intervenes, and Betty sees that the slime actually backs away from the Hulk. When Bruce returns he realizes that gamma radiation is the answer and attempts to use the Gammatron on it. However, Dr. Proto's experiment had caused it to malfunction before, and Bruce is too late. He turns into the Hulk, who can generate enough gamma energy from the body to dissolve all of the slime.


The single star says it all, folks. Having gamma radiation as the one thing that can destroy the slime shows a total lack of effort by the writer(s). It would have been better if Bruce was actually able to use the Gammatron, but must be the Hulk that saves the day.
The Villian:
The Yellow Slime. - A new lifeform created by Dr. Proto capable of consuming almost anything. It is composed of part fungus, and part protoplasm. It only has two weaknesses: silicon glass, the only substance that can contain it, and gamma radiation, which can destroy it. I guess Green Lantern's ring wouldn't have any affect either.
The Incredible Bruce Banner:
I guess being in the jungle last episode really helped. Bruce uses a tube from the lab ceiling to swing to and activate a release valve to relieve steam pressure.